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Challenger(s): Any Clan 'Mech, Up to 95 Tons, Custom

Respondents: Any Clan 'Mech, Up to 95 Tons, Custom


The Trial of Refusal is the right for a Clan Warrior or Unit to protest a decision against him or it by the Clan Council. The number of opponents is dictated by the number of votes for or against the cause of the warrior or unit in question.

A Mechwarrior has been shown guilty of fleeing the battle by a vote ratio of 2:1. He must therefore fight two warriors to reverse the pending punishment, or should it be an entire Star of Clan warriors, they must face 10 opponents since for every 1 there must be two (and a Star has five warriors within it).


Once all participants have arrived at the proper server, the Challenger will then join the server, and announce his map choice. Host of the server - either the Loremaster or Oathmaster preferably will select the proper map and set conditions to the correct settings. The Oathmaster will then announce the beginning of the Trial, at which time the Challenger will announce his grievance with the Clan Council.

The Oathmaster will then go over the Trial rules with all concerned, with especial care to note the Special Rules of this Trial (see Special Rules section). The server will then be launched with both sides calling ready from their drop zones, awaiting the order to start. At start, the combat commences, until one team is victorious. Practical results of a victory for the Challenger are determined by the Keshik when put into effect.

Special Rules:

Challenger May Choose Any Map
Respondents choose Conditions
Radar always on
Zellbriggen (Clan Honour) ROE strictly enforced. If Zellbriggen is broken, regular ROE apply.

Special Victory Conditions:

Challenger must win by a ratio dictated by the number of votes for or against them in the initial Clan Council decision the Trial Of Refusal was initially issued over.

Server Settings:
Server Name: NBT CBS Trial Of Refusal
Advertise This Game: Checked
Team Destruction
Password: Yes
Allow Join In Progress: Yes
Join In Progress Time: Unlimited
Force First Person: Yes
Limited Ammunition: Yes
Heat Management: Yes
Friendly Fire: Yes
Splash Damage: Yes
Force Respawn: Yes
Dead Mechs Can't Talk: No
Dead Mechs Can't See: No
Restrict Mechs and Components: No