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Any Clan Mech (75 Tons Max)


Three Respondents

Challenger chooses map.


Trials Of Position is awarded via the Keshik. Those who attend drops and practice regularly and show an increase in skill will be candidates. When awarded, the Trial will be posted requesting three defending pilots and then scheduled when they are determined.

When given, three officers, who may be either Keshik or Mechwarriors, will arrive at the server appointed for the Trial as Blooding Officer 1, Blooding Officer 2, and Blooding Officer 3.

The Clan Oathmaster will be present and officiating unless needed as Blooding Officer. The Clan Loremaster will also be present as facilitator and witness that the Trial takes place according to Clan Law.

Once all participants have arrived at the proper server, the Challenger will then join the server, and announce his map choice. Host of the server - either the Loremaster or Oathmaster preferably - will select the proper map and set conditions to their default settings.

Challenger will then, once rules have been gone over one last time, call their challenge by both Screen Name and mech. Both participants move to within 1000 metres of Nav Centre, and stop. Once both have called Ready, the Oathmaster will confirm, and give permission to engage.

All Officers that are not engaged in the fight should remain crouched. They may, at their own discretion, choose to either remain radar hot or cold, but they must remain crouched. (If the Challenger fires on a crouched 'Mech, Grand Melee ensues by default.) The Challenger must take down at least one 'Mech in order to pass their Trial of Position. The Challenger must also be functional at the end of each fight in order to consider the battle successfully won. Further 'Mechs beaten will result in increased rank. Once the Challenger has killed his 1st target, they will hold where they stand & be given a choice to continue or stand down. It is a prerequisite to survive to pass the trial.

-Taking one 'Mech down will earn the Challenger an advancement in rank one grade.
-Two 'Mechs - Mechwarrior an advancement in rank two grades.
-Three 'Mechs - Mechwarrior an advancement in rank three grades.

The Ranks Are:

Star Commander
Star Captain
Star Colonel
Galaxy Commander

After each opponent a stop is called by the Oathmaster, giving the Challenger the chance to stop the Trial. If the Challenger chooses to stop the trial, he keep any ranks earned up to that point.

IF the Challenger fails to destroy his opponent and survive at any time, he fails the trial, losing all the ranks gained. If he loses the first action, he loses any current rank he holds, thereby being demoted. If he wins the first and loses subsequent battles to opponents, he keeps his current rank.

The Challenger may attempt only once to pass the Trial. If they do not pass, then they must wait at least one week before they may issue another challenge for another Trial.

Server Settings:
Server Name: NBT CBS Trial Of Position
Advertise This Game: Checked

Password: Yes
Allow Join In Progress: Yes
Join In Progress Time: Unlimited
Force First Person: Yes
Limited Ammunition: Yes
Heat Management: Yes
Friendly Fire: Yes
Splash Damage: Yes
Force Respawn: Yes
Dead Mechs Can't Talk: No
Dead Mechs Can't See: No
Restrict Mechs and Components: No