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May choose any Clan Mech , to a maximum tonnage of 75 Tons.


Respondent(s) may choose any Clan Mech , to a maximum tonnage of 75 Tons.

Maps: Challenger chooses from the Following: Bloodpit, Gladiator Pit, Coliseum.

Conditions: Respondent(s) choose the Time Of Day, Visibility, and Weather.


A Trial Of Grievance, also known as a Circle Of Equals, are honour duels that are fought within the Clan to settle disputes that do not warrant a Trial Of Refusal. Basically "Might Makes Right" in Clan society. To reflect this, a Trial of Grievance can be fought over anything that falls short of the criteria for a Trial Of Refusal. The reasons for such Trials are myriad; they can be fought over matters of honour, when a Warrior feels he has been slighted by another, to settle an argument within the Clan when all other attempts to resolve the issue have failed, etc. These can involve entire Stars, Clusters, and other units as well as individuals; in this respect it is similar to Trials Of Refusal. Since it is a "circle of equals", by clan lore there are special rules for this trial. (See Special Rules section.)


Once all participants have arrived at the proper server, the Challenger will then join the server, and announce his map choice. Host of the server - either the Loremaster or Oathmaster preferably - will select the proper map and set conditions to their correct settings.

The Clan Oathmaster will be present and officiating unless needed as a participant. The Clan Loremaster will also be present as facilitator and witness that the Trial takes place according to Clan Law.

Challenger(s) will then, once rules have been gone over one last time, issue their challenge, stating their reasons for a Circle Of Equals publicly, before the entire Clan. All participants move to within 1000 metres of Nav Centre, and stop. Once both sides have called Ready, the Oathmaster will confirm, and give permission to engage.

Practical effects for the Challenger for winning this Trial are that his or the units honour is satisfied and the issue related is resolved finally. It is a prerequisite to survive to win the trial.

Special Rules:

Challenger Chooses Map

Respondents choose Conditions

Radar always on

Zellbriggen (Clan Honour) ROE strictly enforced.

Regular ROE apply if Zellbriggen is broken and any "victory" by the Offending pilot or units would be considered "tainted."

Server Settings:
Server Name: NBT CBS Trial Of Refusal
Advertise This Game: Checked

Password: Yes
Allow Join In Progress: Yes
Join In Progress Time: Unlimited
Force First Person: Yes
Limited Ammunition: Yes
Heat Management: Yes
Friendly Fire: Yes
Splash Damage: Yes
Force Respawn: Yes
Dead Mechs Can't Talk: No
Dead Mechs Can't See: No
Restrict Mechs and Components: No