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Clan insignia:

The Clan insignia is worn on the right shoulder. Created by Khan Colleen Schmitt, it epitomizes what it means to be a Blood Spirit warrior. The insignia consists of a circular field, with a large white star prodominently displayed. This tribute to the Cameron Star device of the Star League, which it resembles, is a reminder to all Spirit Warriors that they are the Star League's inheritors. The star is set against a blood-red teardrop, signifying the esprit-de-corps of the Clan. These two images are laid over a burnished-copper backdrop, which represents the bright spirit of hope that the Clans brought to the people of the Pentagon Worlds. Around the edge are twenty raised, gold daggerstars, each representing one of the twenty Clans. A set of finely drawn, light-red circles connects each star, signifying the intrinsic link that exists between all the Clans. Finally, the insignia is bordered in black to represent the long journey through space whose trials held the Clans together.

Other insignias: Galaxy insignias are worn on the left shoulder, with Cluster insignias below the Galaxy insignia. Though each Cluster has its own insignia, all of the Crimson Guards wear a similar device, a marbleized, blood-red star inset with the unit's numerical designation. In addition to the Clan insignia, freeborn warriors wear a black teardrop patch, affixed below the Clan insignia on the right shoulder.