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Welcome to Clan Blood Spirit. We are an online gaming team with 10+ years of playing some incarnation of MechWarrior, and more recently Star Citizen.

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Star Citizen options

Announcements 26 Oct 2016
Come to this thread for details as our participation with the game and Imperium evolves.
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Nekhron Kirov is dead

Announcements 02 Oct 2016
He lost the fight against PTSD
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NetBattleTech-MWO has started!!!!

Announcements 21 Aug 2015
Register. Although, my NBT-HC login and password still worked!!   http://www.nbt-mwo.com/forum/index.php  
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MWO - [CBSG] Unit Profile

Announcements 19 Dec 2015
Following is the Blood Spirit Unit Profile in MWO,  Registered & Listed       Unit Name: Clan Blood Spirit Galaxy (Ghost Bear Touman)   Unit Insignia:   Unit Tag: [CBSG] Unit Website: http://clanbloodspirit.com/index.php/ Unit Assignment: Permanent Unit CO: Spu...
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Website Relaunch

Announcements 13 Apr 2015
Brand new forum software update. The update contains multiple new features, such as a proper mobile-friendly version of the site, profile functions, a small chat room, and new forum functions.This is still very much a work in progress as more content is added and the appearance finalized.
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MWO Player / Customer Appreciation Reward Program

Announcements 12 Sep 2015
MWO has announced the roll out of their Player / Customer Appreciation Reward Program.  Details can be found here:     https://mwomercs.com...dium=MWOPatcher
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New Comms - Start using it

Announcements 24 May 2015
We now have a dedicated "Clan Blood Spirit" channel in the Strana Mechty TS3 server   as spelled:   Label: Strana Mechty IP addy: STRANAMECHTY.INFO PassWord: StranaMechty
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