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CBS History in the Planetary Leagues

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Ours anyway:

The current Blood Spirit clan owes its state to the original members that brought the Clan in from the early incarnations of the planetary leagues. The Enhanced Breed and AoA I believe.

Pilots such as Spudman Bogues, Pain Campbell, Tigerback and Blueblaster. These pilots brought in promising members to round out their vision. Pilots like Ironfox, Mongoose, Iceman, Jahziel, A. Kerensky, Undeadwarrior, and Mako. Even Zer0Kewl, the only one of us, that we know of, who has passed on.

These guys led us through NBT-Vengence and then NBT-Mercenaries. These pilots led the Clan Blood Spirit to great success. Often times, CBS pilots enjoyed a number of places in the league top ten pilots, more than any other team. We had rocky seas, like any team, because a team is a group of individuals subverting their own personalities for the common good. Jackass, hesitant geek, sociopath, lightweight, whatever, we had all of those types and more.

But we kicked ass, regardless

Clan Blood Spirit is still alive -- fed by that legacy.

NBT-HC was a different game and the "storyline" is different because "we" did not want a repeat of the Mercs league.

To survive in NBT-HC after restarting the clan, the Blood Spirits needed to evolve or become a target of opportunity, especially lacking the skilled pilots of those early days. We did, and we were, overall, well thought of within that league.

Now, there is MW:O


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